Using the jQuery DatePicker with ASP.NET MVC


For those of you using ASP.NET MVC and hoping to receive a little guidance on how to implement a jQuery UI DatePicker widget on a date input field, as well as the appropriate way to pass dates from the view back to the controller,  the following article is just for you. If you’ve tried numerous…

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How to send email using gmail smtp in an ASP.NET MVC application


Most public facing mvc web applications have an email feature to notify users of a successful registration. It’s very common for developers to use gmail smtp for this feature as seen in this question on stackoverflow. If you want to skip all the details and get the gmail integration code check out my github…

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How to limit a Kendo UI combobox drop down to valid items using ASP.NET MVC Wrappers


A client I work with needed to have a combobox that would support both a drop down list & the ability to type in text which would filter the drop down results to allow for quick identification of the correct value they were looking for. This is very helpful when dealing with account numbers &…

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